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The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Wayland Area Local Revenue Sharing Board (LRSB) for the Gun Lake Casino is governed by the Compact between the Tribe and the State of Michigan and the bylaws of the LRSB. According to the Compact, the LRSB may only disburse funds to local units of government, with emphasis on those units that actually experience increased operating costs because of the casino.

The bylaws of the LRSB create a formula for distribution of the funds to local units. According to the formula, each unit of government will first receive an amount equal to any specific actual costs due to the casino including payments for police, fire and public safety.

Secondly, 65% of the remainder will be paid, in lieu of taxes to Wayland Townhip, Allegan County, Allegan Area EASA, and Wayland Union Schools based on the millage rate of each unit.

Third, the remainder is then distributed to the other units of the Inter-Local Government Agreement based on a percentage formula as determined by the bylaws.

In summary, based upon these facts, any funds received by the LRSB may only be distributed to units of government and not independent organizations. Consequently, any requests for funds by an organization should be made to the local government where the organization exists.

Revenue Sharing Distribution December 2016
Disbursement totals:

Wayland Township:
Actual Cost Check - $85,798.68
In Lieu of Taxes - $30,780.00
Governmental Unit - $298,335.00

Allegan County:
In Lieu of Taxes - $184.680.00
Governmental Unit - $149,168.00

Wayland Schools:
In Lieu of Taxes - $769,500.00
Governmental Unit - $149,168.00

In Lieu of Taxes - $123,120.00
Governmental Unit - $11,933.00

City of Wayland, Dorr Township, Martin Township, Hopkins Township, Yankee Springs Township, and Leighton Township:
Governmental Units - $14,917.00

Funds will be used as follows:
AAESA (Allegan Area Educational Service Agency) to support Outlook Strict Discipline Academy; STAR Family Literacy Programs.
ALLEGAN SCHOOLS to support its technology initiative (using it for purchase of student devices and replacements when necessary.
HOPKINS SCHOOLS to adopt the Holt BIG IDEAS series for its 6-12 mathematics curriculum.
MARTIN SCHOOLS to offset the cost of its ECSE teacher.
PLAINWELL SCHOOLS to support three programs; Early Childhood, STEM Academy; and Robotics program at the Middle and high school.
WAYLAND TOWNSHIP: County Policing and Road Improvements
DORR TOWNSHIP: goes into General Fund and is used for police, fire department and parks departments.
WAYLAND CITY: Improvements to their city park, including a splash area for children.
YANKEE SPRINGS TOWNSHIP: For purchase of an electronic sign at the Yankee Springs Fire Station property.
MARTIN TOWNSHIP: The National Fire Protection Association -NFPA- requires that all fire personal protection equipment -turnout gear- be replaced every ten years which can cost $2,500-3,000. per person.  Most of it was new in 2004 so the township has been working at updating this over the last two years. About 20 sets of bunker pants, coats, and boots and gloves, at a cost of about $2,200 per set over the last two years was purchased.  The township is working to replace most of its helmets which cost somewhere around $200 each.   Last year a heavier Hurst Cutter (jaws of life type tool) was purchasd most of that money also came from the casino funds. 
ALLEGAN COUNTY: Allegan County receives a portion of net revenue from slot machine utilization in the form of three payments, Direct Payment for Services, is used for law enforcement service contracts within the Wayland area, Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT), payment in place of tax revenue for property that is exempt from taxes and Local Government Allocation, payments from the Gun Lake Casino as approved by the Allegan County Board of Commissioners is being used to fund County Parks and the Tourist Council activities bringing visitors to Allegan Co
unty which assists the local economy and provides citizens with an opportunity to enjoy their local natural resources and recreational facilities.