Roger VanVolkinburg,

Lorraine "Punkin" Shananaquet,
Vice Chairman/
Tribal Council Representative

Rebecca Baker,
Tribal Council Representative

Mark DeYoung
Allegan County

Linden Anderson
Representative at Large

Phyllis Davis
Tribal Council Representative





The LRSB meets the third Wednesday of every month at 4 p.m. in the Administration building of the Gun Lake Tribe,
2872 Mission Drive, Shelbyville.
It is open to the public.

March 15
April 19
May 17
June 21
July 19
August 16
September 20
October 18
November 15
December 20

The Gun Lake Casino Local Revenue Sharing Board (LRSB) exists to comply with the terms of a Compact between the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians (the Tribe) and the State of Michigan providing for Tribal Class III gaming by the Tribe in Wayland Township of Allegan County. The Compact defines how tribal payments are made to local governments. Per the Compact, the tribe shares revenue equal to 2% of the annual net winnings from electronic games of chance in order to provide resources to units of government that are located in the immediate vicinity of the tribal casino or those otherwise directly impacted by the operation of the casino. The LRSB distributed over $3 million to local governments in 2014 from the two semi-annual "Net Win" payments from the casino's operation.

The terms of the Compact allow local units of government to form a Local Revenue Sharing Board in conjunction with the Tribe. The Gun Lake Casino LRSB was formed by an Inter-Local Agreement under the Urban Cooperation Act of 1967 (MCL 124.501) et seq., as amended) to collect and allocate revenue shared by the Gun Lake Casino based on the Compact. Membership on the LRSB consist of one (1) representative selected by the governing body of the county, one (1) representative from the governing body of the township where the casino is located and one (1) representative selected by the remaining units of local government that are parties to the Inter-Local Agreement, and three (3) representatives selected by the Tribe. Bylaws which establish criteria or formulas for the distribution of casino revenue and the actual disbursements of funds require a majority vote of the representatives.

The Bylawas of the LRSB create a formula for distribution of funds to local units in accordance with the compact. According to the formula, each unit of government will first receive an amount equal to any specific actual costs due to the casino including payments for police, fire and public safety.

Secondly, 65% of the remainder will be paid, in lieu of taxes to Wayland Township, Allegan County, Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA) and Wayland Union Schools based on the millage rate of each unit.

Third, the remainder is then distributed to the other members of the Inter-Local Government Agreement, who are all local units of government in the vicinity of the casino, based on a percentage formula as determined by the bylaws.

In summary, based upon these facts, any funds received by the LRSB may only be distributed to units of government and not to independent organizations or school districts other than the Wayland Union Schools and the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency pursuant to the Compact. Consequently, any requests for funds by an organization should be made to the local governmental unit where the organization exists, not the LRSB.

The Gun Lake Area Revenue Sharing Board of Directors
Board members, from left, Lorraine "Punkin" Shanaquet,
Linden Anderson, Mark DeYoung, Rebecca Baker,
Phyllis Davis, and Roger VanVolkinburg.

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